Film Reel


STATUS: As of 03/01/2017 weekly multiplayer filming is currently on hold while we decide on a new series. Check back here weekly to be informed of when filming is resumed. Also feel free to discuss ideas in the forums.
Filming Time Information

Currently we film every Wednesday at 9:00am U.S. Central Time, GMT-6 and meet on TeamSpeak at that time. To calculate the time based on your local time zone, see the following linked site. The above listed time originates in "Chicago" on this list:

This page is intended to inform all MCL Server members of the current filming schedule for all MCL multiplayer-based video series. It will be edited in-place to reflect the date and time of the next filming(s) for quick and easy information. All currently whitelisted MCL server members interested in taking part in episodes are welcome and encouraged to do so. We meet on TeamSpeak just prior to filming to set things up, trade important information and make adjustments to our equipment to achieve the best possible recordings.