Thanks Fans!! The various comments/testimonials on this page represent only a small fraction of the scores of awesome comments made regarding my work and passion for the people in the gaming and Minecraft communities. I wish I could post them all, but there are literally thousands of similar comments over hundreds and hundreds of videos and postings. Some day I may hire someone for the sole purpose of gathering them all and posting them here. It would be a monumental task to do so. So, here's to you, fans! I'd be a much lonelier person without all of you! It's been a great ride with you all so far. Here's to many more years of fun and adventure together! -TechnoWolf
So this might be a little off compared to your normal e-mails that you get. So my children, mainly my Autistic 5 year old ( think Rain Man) are off the wall obsessed with Minecraft. It's not enough to watch his Dad play it, they literally LARPs it around our neighborhood, we've had to replace quite a few flower gardens. Oops. They love it so much we even use it in our homeschool curriculum. What does this have to do with MCL you ask? Well, my husband (also the sole laptop carrier in the house) has recently deployed (yay Army!) for 9 months. Andrew was devistated, not because his dad left, but because he couldn't watch cube game anymore. He started to regress immediately; meaning not talking, eating, and just being insanely violent to anyone in a 5 foot radius of him (mainly bloodying up his brother) for no good reason. Minecraft calmed him, so cue youtube. As cheesy as it sounds, letting my kid binge watch TechnoWolfs channels has totally changed my kid back in to my normal little dude who just randomly does crazy things. So basically, keep up all the awesome and thank-you (more than you know) for keeping us sane and alive during our videogameless 9 months.
I enjoy ALL the MCL videos, but the dentist stories really made this extra entertaining. Nice job fellow MCL peeps :)
XXXcaliberz Minecraft Maniac
Love getting off work and kicking back with this series. Thanks.
to be honest this is really one of your better houses (and that's really saying a lot) only one thing I don't like. I don't like the grey windows. I think it looks really awesome, I just hate a dark house. but like I said it's really awesome. I remember making your minecraft palace on my iPad  (pocket edition) before I even knew how to use creative mode. that's right I cut down a LOT of trees. I even made it once out of stone. it really looked awesome. thanks again for the insperation. fan for life.
larry shields
Best episode ever
Patrick McAllister
I watch the videos 7days apart as well, and always look forward to all 4 series.  Explorers was amazing as you said!  But no spoilers.
Judith Rolfe
Love your vids I remember when I was like 7 or 10 when I built a house from your tutorials brings back some many good memories... keep up the good work:)
Anthony Tang
I love  your videos
Alexander Garcia
Hey Techno wolf, Its 2am and ive been looking for a new lets player to watch and your worlds are very clean neat and unique. i like the way your worlds are so CLEAN and neat! ..nice big flat lands with no bushes on then just like a fresh mowed lawn.
Actually, that was pretty amusing!
freaky - when you checked the time as 11:33 and said it will mean nothing to the viewers I looked at my watch... It was 11:33am as I happened to be watching the video... maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket or something today!

TechnoWolf Replied:
+andrewx0071 Considering there are 1,440 minutes in any 24 hour period, that gave you a 2 in 1,440 chance to watch that part of the video to line up with one of the two 11:33's. The odds are probably actually much broader if you factor in the video needing to line up to the time as well. Craziness!! Yes, time for you to buy a lottery ticket.

I just love the humour and banter between you all.  That alone makes good video!
Judith Rolfe
Techno, I love your videos.
Undead Craft
That was a pretty cool base guys!
Techno, I am, Siddhanta Chandra, that guys you followed in Twitter. As usual loved this video too.
Undead Craft
Thanx for the upload Techno. We as viewers appreciate you taking the time from lifes busyness to provide us with content :)
XXXcaliberz Minecraft Maniac
Dude I really like your content. You deserve way more subs and views!!!
I'd been searching for diamonds for weeks. I went caving and I never found any, even near bedrock. However, I started a branch mine down in my house and moments before I hit bedrock, I found 8 diamond ores!! Techno, you helped me by teaching me how to branch mine on your tutorial series. Thanks so much.
Tech Gamer
you deserve way more veiws
you sir are tremendously under viewed your great
Man I loved all these videos. You are a great narrator and minecraft player.
@kieran ford do not make fun of Minecraft lab; he's an epic youtuber.
Tech Gamer
One day we will be able to deal with the bad guys as well as you.  You make it look so simple.
Scott Hanson
Your videos are informative, a great length, and your voice is soothing. Keep em' up brah!
Cody Toman
I found this other series and was impressed.  What's an ender dragon?
Sam DoesMagic
Thank god i was checking my youtube everyday waiting for this :D
Jim Debenedetto
Another upload :D
Joe Nugent
I recently started to play Minecraft. Your video's have been really helpfull, and at some point it changed from helpfull to really enjoyable.. I'm watching several of your playlists now and it's awesome to hear your story and motivation! Also awesome to hear that you got through it with God! Not many people are so open, especially about their beliefs. Please continue this path, I'm sure you help quite some people! God bless Techno!
Arnold de Vries
Dude! When you were talking about your medical situation and you were like " One of the things that got me through that was the Lord" I got so happy I like, fist pumped the air because that told me you're saved. I was so happy I was going to subscribe just for that reason alone, but I was already subscribed! That made me want to subscribe twice! Hurray for Minecraft buddies in Heaven :D
Namae D.
Thank you for sharing about your faith and your pain. I love your videos because you know your stuff and don't swear in them, but i have a whole new reason to now. I am dealing with a botched foot surgery and fibromyalgia, and minecraft is about the thing I can do the best, keeps my mind active and creative through my physical problems, and your videos are inspiring. I can't do much but sit down anymore and your videos help me out a lot. Thank you again and keep up the awesome work!
You know, this is kinda fun. A week ago I stumbled upon your first minecraft tutorial, and I loved it! The game, the setup, the possibilities, it was amazing! And I had never seen it played before. I personally don't have the game for two reasons: my computer's busted and I don't feel like playing minecraft as an app, and I am studying for a big exam. I've been very anxious, and watching that video relaxed me big time, I felt protected. So if I pass my exam it's gonna be thanks to you, too. ;) i
hey i watch minecraft vids all the time because i dont have it yet
Emily Rawls
Hey man. I must say that I love your videos. They help me out so much. It will be a lot better once the Xbox 360 Edition updates to 1.8.2 in a week or two. I think that you really should get more credit than you're getting at the moment for all of the tutorial & great content that you're putting up. If you can, try to see if you can make the Tutorial, Adventurist, & Survivalist Series' a show or a playlist. That will make it a lot easier to keep up with it all. Keep up the good work!
TJ Bradley
ooooo My friend through you telling us about your back injury and watching you tube and someones video helps you, lol m8 i can defo relate to. I have been of work now for 5 years through many a reason one being addiction, and i look to you tube nearly every day for comfort, and you are one of them you tubers lol. To me anyway :O)